5 Common Training Mistakes

#1 – Human Error

Everyone makes mistakes, even trainers! Before you assume your dog is ignoring you or being stubborn, are you 100% positive he understands what’s being asked of him? Is it possible you were sending mixed signals? A great way to learn from training mistakes is to record your training sessions. Recording your sessions allows you to look back later and observe what went wrong and what went right and be even better next time!

#2 – Not Allowing Your Dog to Make Mistakes

It’s important to allow your dog the freedom to make his own choices so that you can then either a) reward the right choice or b) correct the wrong choice. Only through making mistakes, being corrected and then shown the right choice will your dog’s obedience improve!

#3 – Using Low Value Rewards

What is your dog motivated by? Find what your dog loves and use it during your training sessions. Treats and food are typically easiest when trying to shape or lure a new behavior but toys and affection can be great for reinforcing and proofing behaviors!

#4 – Using Over-Sized Treats

Using treats that are too large or difficult to eat. If the treats take too long to chew, it’ll slow down your training sessions. Using larger treats will also fill your dog up faster and he may become less motivated to continue working for you.

#5 Bribing Instead of Rewarding

Using treats during the training process is incredibly helpful, but it’s important that you’re rewarding and NOT bribing. Rewards come after the dog has done what you’ve asked. Bribes are waving a treat in their face to convince them to do the behavior.


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