5 Fun & Free Things to Do with Your Dog

Looking for something fun and free to do with your dog? Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Take your dog on hikes. Explore your local parks and trails. Hiking and walking is a great way to bond with your dog and the perfect opportunity to train!A02JAA Man walking dog
  2. Visit a pet store. Most pet stores welcome on leash and friendly dogs into their stores. Next time you need to stock up on dog food, bring your dog along for the ride.
  3. Train! Take 10-15 minutes whenever you can and teach your dog a new skill or freshen up some old ones. Nothing beats training as a great way to bond with and exercise your dog.
  4. Set up a puppy play date with some friends! While we don’t recommend dog parks, socialization with other friendly dogs under supervision is great. Catch up with some friends while your dog wears himself out!
  5. Run errands. Lots of places are quickly becoming dog friendly. Take your dog with you as often as you can. Keep in mind not to leave your dog in a hot car during those summer months!


There’s also lots of dog friendly events that pop up throughout the year, get out there and spend time with your dog!


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