5 Steps to a Solid Recall

A solid and reliable recall is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. You’ll be able to give them more freedom while also keeping them safe. If you’re still struggling with your dog’s recall, here’s 5 steps you can take to improve on it!

  1. Be sure to use a leash when in the teaching phase. The leash allows you to provide direction and correction when needed, as well as providing a safety net for you. As your dog becomes more reliable, you can start letting the leash just drag around and then progress to taking the leash off! 
  2. Pay attention to your dog’s head position. Your dog should be looking in your direction as he approaches. It may not seem like a big deal if your dog is looking around as they come towards you, but that’s the first sign that they are going to quickly head in a new direction.
  3. Be sure to praise and reward at the correct moment! Start praising your dog when he decides to come to you and then finish out by rewarding AFTER your dog has completed the recall and is sitting in front of you. We like to finish out a recall with a Sit to prevent the dog from getting close and then taking back off again!
  4. Start to incorporate more distractions into your training. Go to new locations, practice at a busy park with kids running around or in your living room when the doorbell rings. When you increase distractions, you may have to take a step back and re attach a long line or leash to ensure success and safety.
  5. Treat every recall as an “emergency recall” by holding your dog accountable and following through EVERY SINGLE TIME. The more you hold your dog accountable, the more reliable your recall will become!

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