5 Training Tips for Puppies

5 Puppy Training Tips

  1. Start training right away. While we typically recommend holding off on more formal obedience training until closer to 16 weeks of age, it’s never too early to start teaching your puppy manners. Play biting and jumping up are two examples of behaviors we want to work on from day 1. Just because at 8 weeks play biting doesn’t hurt, it will start hurting very soon! Redirect your puppy onto toys and teach appropriate ways to play with you. If you don’t want your adult dog jumping on you, don’t let you puppy either! It’s MUCH easier to prevent inappropriate behaviors from even forming than to try and deal with them later on down the road. We also recommend getting your new puppy used to walking on a leash and collar, as well as being comfortable handled all over their bodies.
  2. Crate training is a must! Begin crate training the day you bring your new puppy home. Being comfortable in a crate has so many benefits. We recommend that your puppy be crated anytime he or she can’t be supervised. Puppies can find themselves a lot of trouble when left unattended for even 5 minutes. Crate training also helps tremendously with potty training as most puppies won’t want to go where they sleep.
  3. Save some of their meal for training. Using some of your pup’s meal for training helps keep training fun and motivating without creating an overweight puppy. It also creates a puppy that enjoys working for her food!
  4. Teach your puppy how to play with toys. Most dogs don’t want to play alone, they want to play with you! Use toys to teach appropriate play behavior, including a reliable “out” command. Playing with your puppy is a great way to bond, train and burn energy! A win all around!
  5. Set aside a couple of toys to be used only during training. A toy that only comes out once in a while is a lot more exciting than the same old toys your puppy sees all day! Use a toy that your puppy loves to play with you with. Adding toys into your training session ups the fun and motivation!


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