5 Ways to Include Your Dog this Halloween

While some pets can be overwhelmed by all of the spooky decorations and costumes, here’s a few ways you can safely include your dog in the Halloween festivities this year!

  1. Make some delicious and easy pumpkin “candy” treats! While chocolate and other human candies can be harmful to your dog, there’s a ton of dog-safe pumpkin recipes that can be found online. Pick a couple easy ones and get to baking up some awesome treats to share with your pup!  
  2. Dress up your dog in a costume. Whether you’re going for cute or spooky, most pet stores carry a variety of costumes. Just be sure that the costume you choose fits appropriately and doesn’t restrict breathing or movement. Also avoid small pieces that can easily be chewed off and swallowed. If your dog isn’t comfortable wearing costumes, it’s best not to force it.
  3. Make your dog her very own pumpkin spice beverage. Coffee and sugar are dangerous to dogs in large quantities, but you can make a safe alternative instead. To make a mini pumpkin smoothie that’s dog safe, just mix plain yogurt, pumpkin puree, and a dash of cinnamon in the blender. Then pour into a cup and serve!
  4. Bring your dog along to a local dog friendly festival or event. A quick internet search should help you locate the nearest one to you. Always keep your dog on a leash and collar and it can be a good idea to bring some water along as well. Many events hold fun contests such as “best costume”! Dress your dog up and go for the win! Keep in mind that large groups and costumes can be overwhelming to some dogs.
  5. Hold a fall themed photo shoot. Pumpkins make for great photo props. Set up some pumpkins among the fall leaves and then dress your pooch up in their favorite fall attire! A photo shoot can be a fun way to bond and spend time with your dog!


Happy Halloween!

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