7 Signs Your Dog is Bored

Most common behaviors problems stem from a lack of exercise which creates boredom. Bored dogs tend to find their own ways to entertain themselves.. and they aren’t usually in ways we like. Here’s 7 signs your dog is bored:

  1. He’s destroying everything. Destructive behavior is not only frustrating for you when you come home to find your new couch destroyed, but also dangerous for your dog. He could easily ingest something dangerous or that he can’t pass. If your dog is destroying things when left unsupervised, it’s best to leave him in a crate.
  2. He steals things. Running around with your favorite pair of shoes in his mouth or the steak off the counter is a good way to get you to chase him which is probably one of his favorite games!
  3. Incessant barking. Barking at anything and everything can be frustrating for both you and your neighbors.
  4. He jumps on you. Dogs jump on people to get attention and possibly to play. Give your dog more appropriate outlets to play with you, such as a structured game of fetch.
  5. Digging. Dogs that dig are often just bored in their backyards.
  6. Running away. Door dashing, fence jumping, etc.
  7. Nipping and biting. Just like jumping up, your dog is most likely wanting to play. Regardless if your dog is just being playful, this behavior is DEFINITELY inappropriate.

So what do you do if your dog fits the description of a bored dog? Exercise and mental stimulation!

Obedience training goes a long way in mentally stimulating your dog. You’ll be surprised how much a 15 minute training session that really challenges your dog can wear him out! You can also work on fun tricks to give his brain another challenge!

There are lots of ways to give your dog more physical exercise. A structured walk using your Heel command, a game of fetch, swimming, and treadmill training are just to name a few. We recommend that all dogs are comfortable with using the treadmill for exercise as it’s very helpful when life gets busy or the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.


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