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We are what one would call “Balanced Trainers.” Do we use negative reinforcement or corrections? Yes we do. Do we use positive reinforcement by means of treats and/or praise? Heck yes!

You usually wouldn’t use the same amount of praise on a high energy Border Collie as you would on a low energy Basset Hound. With that said, you also usually wouldn’t use the same correction on a low energy, submissive dog as you would on a higher energy, more dominant type of dog. Some dogs you need to press the gas pedal on the praise while others you need to use the brake pedal on the corrections! It’s that simple..It all depends on YOUR dog!

We customize our training so you can reach your ideal dream: a dog that can be taken any where, at any time and listen around any distraction.

In using years of experience we’ve tweaked our dog obedience training to get the most out of your dog’s personality. The last thing you want to do when training any dog is be a “one trick pony” and make each dog fit your respective training approach. All dogs are different! You should (and we do) cater our training approach to fit your dog’s specific needs.

More important than the training tool that is used (clicker, buckle collar, martingale collars, pinch or remote collars), is knowing which fits each specific dog and when they should be used. Our philosophy can be summed up by explaining that taking all dogs through the 3 proper stages of training, in the proper order, is ideal for success.

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Happy Tales From Happy Tails
Casey and his staff are very knowledgeable in every aspect of dog training. I first sought out Casey’s help with my Australian Shepherd who had fear/anxiety towards unfamiliar dogs. With the help that Casey and his staff provided, we have made great strides in his behavior which had become completely unpredictable. He now can go for walks without acting out at almost every new dog that walks by and when in a situation that he is uncomfortable with he warns before he acts giving me time to step in and take control of the situation. I was very pleased with the outcome of our training sessions. I am now purchasing a new puppy that will be started with Casey from Day 1.
Alexis Strode D.V.M.,
My husband and I had never owned a dog on our own. We now feel like confident and knowledgeable dog owners. I honestly think that we had more to learn than our dog Harvey did! Before training, Harvey was a fairly well behaved dog but was overly excited about other dogs and would fixate on them and pull towards them on leash. Harvey’s heel command is so great now that I no longer dread our walks. I truly believe that Harvey loves the structure and loves knowing what to do. We try to make it to group class as often as possible because Harvey really does enjoy it-his tail never stops when we are at Casey Ray!

Carrie, Phil, and Harvey,

List of accomplishments:

Honors & Awards

Voted one of St. Louis’ favorite dog trainers 3 years running
Rescued & rehabilitated shelter dogs from severe behavioral disorders
Responsible for implementing dog training programs at local boarding facilities
National K-9 School for Dog Trainers graduate and association member
American Dog Owners Association member
Continually called upon for his opinions/expertise with local rescue groups
County Court Judges have ordered dogs to rehabilitate under his guidance
United States Army Veteran
Featured, with his dog Ezra, on the Jumbotron at Busch Stadium
Professional member- International Association of Canine Professionals
Not just veterinarian recommended, but veterinarians have become clients
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
Testified under oath on canine behavior and psychology
Clients have come from surrounding states to receive assistance

Featured in the Press

Featured in “Ask the Trainer” segment for Tails Magazine
Repeat guest on the Fox 2 News Morning Show
Guest on KSDK Channel 5 News
Repeat guest on 1120 KMOX’s Monica Adam’s Talk show
Guest on 93.7 The Bull’s Morning Show with Craig Cornett
The ‘Official Dog Trainer’ of 92.3 WIL’s Bo Matthews’ Big Dawg’s Bunkhouse
Appeared on TV show “It’s Your Biz with Susan Solovic” on Fox 2 St. Louis
Spotlight interview by Unleashed Unlimited, a training firm in Austin, Texas
Guest on SBTV.com (Small Business Television) with CEO Susan Solovic
Interviewed on the set of ‘Lipstick n Laundry’ with Judi Diamond & Kate Frisina
Contacted by an agent for the hit TV show, ”America’s Got Talent”
Interviewed as ‘expert’ in a dog fighting case on the TV show “Swift Justice”
Featured on TV show “All About Business St. Louis” ABC 30
His dog Ezra is featured in a commercial seen on Animal Planet

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Schedule your free consultation for you and your dog!
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