Beat the Heat this Summer!

As summer gets into full swing and temperatures rise, be sure to find ways to help your dog cool down. Beat the heat this summer with a few cool ideas:

  1. Get the sprinkler out and let your dog romp around! You can even make a D-I-Y yourself sprinkler using a plastic bottle.
  2. Invest in a cool collar or bandanna and help your dog to stay cool when you’re outside together. There’s a variety of collars, bandannas, and even vests that are designed to help your dog cool down in the summer heat.
  3. Make frozen treats! There’s tons of free, easy recipes online. Give a couple a tray until you find one that makes your dog go crazy!
  4. Fill a plastic kiddie pool with water for him to play and splash around in. If your dog seems scared or nervous of the water, take it slow and use lots of treats and praise to get him comfortable!
  5. Stay indoors and learn a new trick. Learning something new is a great way to burn energy and beat the heat!


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