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Course Overview: Become a Dog Trainer

We offer dog handler training, which will give you the skill set that you need to train puppies and adult dogs in many aspects of behavior. This dog training program is a great way for you to step into a dog training business, so that you are familiar with the tools and techniques that can be used to teach the animals that you are working with.

7 Week Curriculum


  • Hands on
  • Class room
  • 260 Contact hours


  • Written Test #1 after week 3
  • Written Test #2 after week 6
  • End of Week #7 Final Exam with Dog


Our training curriculum is set up to provide students with all the necessary tools needed to be a well rounded and educated pet dog trainer.

  • Theories in remote collar training- 70hrs
  • Theories in leash and collar training- 70hrs
  • Dog training in relation to behavioral problems- 20hrs
  • Puppy Preschool & Group Class instruction- 15hrs
  • Work with and train clients Stay & Learn dogs- 15 hrs
  • Observe 10 hours of private lessons- 10hrs
  • Observe 10 hours of consultations- 10hrs
  • Basic training equipment and tools- 5hrs
  • Canine Personalities- 5hrs
  • Puppy Socialization- 5hrs
  • Intro to canine psychology- 5hrs
  • Diversity in training- 5hrs
  • Teach 5 hours group class- 5hrs
  • Teach 5 hours private lessons- 5hrs
  • Breed Recognition- 3hrs
  • Bad habits trainers incur- 3hrs
  • Proper use of voice during training- 2hrs
  • Establishing a training schedule- 2hrs
  • Job placement assistance, referrals from staff, certificate upon completion of course.

*required to be one of Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers, when available

This training is available in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

7 Weeks – $4,999

Testimonials from Our Trainees

“I wanted schooling that was flexible and in-depth, and that’s exactly what I got.  Casey shared and taught me everything he knew from years of experience, and allowed me to learn every aspect of the dog training business.  From the importance of people skills and professionalism, to how to gain confidence and skill in all manners of canine behavioral issues.  If you want to truly learn all the in’s and out’s of the dog training business, this is the way to go.”

– Halie Lenk

“I started as a client with Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers with my two dogs dealing with dog reactivity and was immediately impressed with the level of professionalism and the positive changes in my dogs! I decided to purse dog training as a career and knew exactly where to go! The flexibility of the hours allowed me to continue working and still complete school in a timely manner. I learned all of the skills necessary to excel in my new career path. If your looking for knowledgeable trainers and teachers that are willing to go the extra mile, this is the school for you!”

– Jessica Noll

“I truly enjoyed my experience at Casey Ray’s School for Dog Trainers. I felt like I was learning from the best, all of the trainers are friendly and helpful. It was nice being able to set my own pace and get hands on experience with the dogs while experienced trainers were supervising. With the knowledge I learned there, I feel confident training a variety of dogs from the easy, happy-go-lucky’s to ones with more challenging issues.”

– Lyndsay Judge

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Happy Tales From Happy Tails
Casey, at Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers, is the BEST! I recently adopted a 3 year old puppy mill dog and quickly realized she needed some serious training. Enter Casey and Shelly Ray into the picture – things turned around immediately. His professionalism and extensive education and training lead me to believe he knows what the dog is going to do before the dog knows! The training experience continues to exceed all my expectations, and he was so gracious as to tailor it strictly to her many needs. She is quickly blooming into a happy, well-mannered and great dog, speedily learning the commands, and even socializing well with other people and other animals. Casey and Shelly treat dogs with the utmost care and respect. Highly, highly recommend all dogs have the opportunity for this great training experience with Casey. By far the best investment I’ve made to date.

Sue King, Mascoutah, IL.,
OH MY STARS! My son and his girlfriend ordered pizza and when the guy came to the door I made Gino sit and the pizza guy said “That’s a good dog! Most places I go the dogs don’t listen” and my son told him that he just came home from training. I was also walking Gino last night and the dog he reacted to when you came to our house was walking too and although we were about 20 ft away, Gino stayed calm and by my side and it was the OTHER dog that started barking and trying to wiggle away from her owner. I was SOOOO excited! You guys are tremendous and I will sing your praises to everyone who will listen. I am going to try to make it to the Sunday event. Loved the pictures! You could see his tail get lower with each shot and then finally laying next to the other dogs. Love you all SOOO MUCH!!!!!!

Connie and Gino,

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