The Benefits of Doggie Day Care

Thinking about sending your dog to doggie day care? Our new location opening soon will be offering this convenient service to all of our training clients! Here’s a few ways day care can benefit your pooch:

  1. Supervised exercise and socialization. All dogs can benefit from daily physical exercise and supervised play is a great way to provide that. Trained professionals monitor your dog all day long while they run around and play as much as they’d like!
  2. Relief from boredom. Many behavioral issues stem from boredom including excessive barking, digging, and chewing. Day cares provide a solution for busy owners to help keep their dogs mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day.
  3. Perfect for busy schedules. Whether you work long hours, are having a big party, or just having the house repainted, day care is the perfect solution. You won’t feel guilty that your dog is crated for long periods of time and at the end of the day, he’ll come home tired!

While day care is a great option for many dogs, keep in mind that not every dog enjoys socializing with others. It’s essential to consider your dog’s personality and temperament when considering if doggie day care will be beneficial.

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