Does Your Dog Need a Life Jacket?

While it’s true that some dogs are natural swimmers, others are less suited to the water. Whether your dog is a solid swimmer or uncertain in the water, a life jacket is a beneficial safety precaution. A dog life jacket makes it easier for your dog to keep his head above water and stay afloat if he finds himself in rough waters. There are many different varieties of life jackets to purchase online and in stores. Here’s a future features we recommend looking for:

  • A handle! A handle makes it easier to pull your dog out of the water and into a boat or onto a dock. A handle also allows you to guide a new swimmer around in the water a little easier.
  • Look for a jacket or vest that has a D-ring so you can attach a leash when necessary.
  • Life jackets come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, a bright color will make it easier to spot your dog in the water.

Keep in mind that even the strongest swimmer can be overcome by fatigue or struggle in waves. A life jacket will provide peace of mind that your dog will stay afloat. Remember to always monitor your dog while in the water and never leave him unsupervised.

Happy swimming!

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