Hype Won’t Help Your Dog

Hype Won’t Help Your Dog 

I’ve been in the dog world for many years now – decades, in fact. Through the years, I’ve been involved in many aspects of professional dog training and care — importing, breeding, conformation, daycare, boarding, and of course… training.

Training is what I love to do. It’s why I pursued my education as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with National K9 all those years ago. It’s why I’ve added to my knowledge and my skills every year since. And it’s definitely why I’ve invested my career in designing and leading the best, most effective dog training programs in the St. Louis metro area.

And through it all, I’ve seen two perpetual constants in the world of dog training.

Living Your Best Possible Life with Your Dog

The first constant is the reason why most people seek out a reputable dog trainer: Simply, they want to live a more enjoyable life with their dogs.

From basic manners – like not jumping up on Grandma – to obedience training to solving problematic behaviors, dog owners are searching for knowledgeable guidance, helpful solutions and real results.

In fact, that’s how most clients find us these days – through proof of our results. Referrals from friends, testimonials, case studies on our blog, and plenty of real humans who are now delighted to live fulfilling, enjoyable lives with their dogs through balanced training.

When you’re struggling with your dog or just want to smooth life out a bit, it’s inspiring to hear those stories of results. You begin to have hope you can accomplish the same – or more! – with your own dog.

The Unhelpful Hype Machine

But that brings us to the second perpetual constant in the dog training world: The regular onslaught of unhelpful hype and uneducated opinions.

In this day and age, it seems anyone with an internet connection will broadcast an opinion on what equals “good” dog training – frequently in absence of facts. They post rant-filled misinformation. They pick only the pieces of dog training science that fit their opinions and discard the rest. And worse, they terrify dog owners into “training” protocols that don’t deliver results.

On Knowledge, Experience and Balance

As balanced trainers, we don’t pick and choose our science – we understand all of it, we know how to apply it, and we know how to help you achieve your goals as a result.

We don’t treat all dogs and all owners the same. We understand how dogs learn and teach individual dog owners how to achieve their training goals with their unique canine companions.

To help owners live their best lives with their dogs, we also have many tools at our disposal. It’s our job to find the right tools and training approaches to work best for you and your dog.

In many cases, once you’ve achieved your training goals with your dog, these gadgets (as I like to call them) are no longer necessary. Much of that depends on your dog, your goals, and your desired lifestyle.

When you train with us, we want you to be 100% comfortable in the choice of tools for your dog – and 100% proficient in how to use them to help your dog live his best possible life.

But one thing’s for certain: My staff and I are all devoted dog lovers. Just as we would never do anything to harm our own animals, we would never do so with yours.

We’re In This Together

We didn’t get all of these reviews, testimonials, and repeat business by chance. We earned them by having open, forthright relationships with our clients. We earned them by helping our clients get the results they so badly wanted with their dogs.

And if you find yourself wondering about all of that unhelpful hype, we hope you’ll ask us about it. We don’t want misinformation or fear tactics to send you down a path that will ultimately fail both you and your dog. So just ask!

I’ll put everything I’ve learned and everything I’ve experienced into helping you reach your dog training goals.

And what I ask in return is for you to be open to our suggestions, to apply what we teach, and to let us show you a real path to helping your dog – the kind that leads to results.

Are You Committed to Your Success?

So if you’ve found us because those wonderful testimonials sound like the sort of life YOU want for you, and your dog, we’d love to help. But we want you to do your homework first. Check out our website, read our blog, and read our Facebook page.

And here’s why: In the end, if you’re not committed to learning and applying everything that we teach, you won’t get those amazing results.

When you choose to vary your training program based on hype or bad advice, your results WILL suffer.

When you disregard following through and applying the training in your own home environment, your results WILL suffer.

And when you stop practicing your training with your dog to keep your relationship and his skills fresh – yes, you guessed it – your results WILL suffer.

So when your dog reverts to reactivity or poor behavior on the walk and your friendly neighbor asks, “I thought you went to training?” If you answer, “Yes, I went to Casey Ray’s”, that reflects poorly on us.

Our entire business is built on relationships and results. It’s built on the confidence, happiness, and lifestyle that dog owners enjoy when they follow our guidance.

So please do your homework. Ask as many questions as you need to. Thoughtfully consider what this process (and your dog) will require from you.

Because in the end, if you’re not committed as we are to your dog’s success, we’re not the right trainers for you.

But if you’re ready to ditch the hype and if you’re as eager as we are to help your dog, give us a call! We’d love to be part of your journey to living the life you’ve always wanted with your dog.

Good luck and happy training!

– Casey Ray


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