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Casey Ray’s offers free consultations to meet you and your dog and find the right class fit for you and your goals.
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Foundation Training (Package)

Basic Obedience through Private Training

This is a basic obedience package that delivers great results through private lessons at the facility. You’ll meet with a trainer weekly until the following commands are achieved: Come, Heel, Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, Off, Quiet, Treadmill Training and Place.

This package delivers the foundation of training by teaching a learning & correctional stage in dog training- basic obedience is what most people refer to it as. What you end up with is a very well trained dog on leash and that behaves well around minimal distractions.

This package includes the number of lessons needed to achieve the goals we set. The average number of lessons is 7 but individual results may vary.

Package Pricing $485

Lifetime Group Classes (Package)

Unlimited Classes, For One Set Price

Includes Foundation Training Package

A client favorite! This package is for those who want what all dog owners want, off-leash control even around distractions! We start with where you are and complete your Foundation Training. After graduation, owners work with their dogs in a group class led by one of our trainers. Because dogs progress at different rates, the amount of group classes is UNLIMITED for the life of your dog. Attend one group class a week for as long as you wish!

This is for dog owners wanting what most people want. Dogs who can execute around any distraction at any time, in any scenario. Our group classes applies the foundation you’ve already learned through either our private lessons, day train, or stay & learns in real world, hectic environments. By taking your dog through the proofing stage in training, you’re teaching your dog to hear your voice through distractions. Distractions are genetics and instincts kicking in. Your training must override this! And it can!

Package Pricing $840

Stay and Learn Training (Package)

This package is perfect for pet owners that lead busy lifestyles or just want to put their dogs on the fast track to stress free dog ownership! During the stay and learn program your dog will reside at our facility, be constantly supervised by a pet professional, and trained from start to finish. Included with this package is a thorough instructional private go home lesson upon pickup, a 2nd lesson if needed. Lifetime group classes can be added to this package.

*** Court ordered dogs must be a 3 week stay. ***

Stay & Learn Package Starts at $1,575

Day Training (Package)

This package is great for pet owners that would like to make great strides towards stress free dog ownership and a well balanced and trained dog. During the day training program, you get to drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up each evening. While they’re with us, they are constantly supervised by a pet professional and trained from start to finish. Lifetime group classes can be added to this package.

Day Training Package Starts at $1,200

Private Lessons

One-on-One Training

One on-one-private lessons with an experienced trainer are available at our facility. A lesson with one of our trainers at the facility with minimal distractions. Most people use these if they need only one thing worked on. Dog jumping on guests, won’t come when called, easy behavioral modification stuff. Most people opt to at least go with the foundation program along with this.

Single lesson $95

Treadmill Training

Dog Fitness

Exercise offers endless benefits, both physically and mentally for your dog’s wellbeing. Having a strong exercise routine can reduce boredom behaviors, and result in a calm, balanced dog. Our treadmill training offers the steps to success in order to create an exercise routine that works well for owner and pet.

One Day Training + Lesson on Pickup $135

Happy Tales From Happy Tails
The staff has been great at Casey Ray. My dog Sophie has been more enjoyable to be around since her training here. She is a high energy dog and they have taught me how to control her energy. Since her training here she has passed her CGC , I have been able to take her to dog friendly places and she behaves well. She now goes to group classes with no leash during the class. She even went to the winery with us last week and did very well. She is still learning but it is nice to know I can take her out and have pretty good control with her.
Chris Meyer,
We can’t say enough about the training JoJo has gotten by Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers through Casey Ray. He was able to guide us successfully through all his typical puppy behaviors. JoJo is a terrific bulldog but certainly has a stubborn streak and our training has made him a welcome addition to our home. All of our kids understand the training techniques and have used them continually today. JoJo is a happy, well behaved dog which makes me a happy dog owner!!

Karen Boone,
Owning German Shepherd littermates are quite a challenge, by the time they were 5 months old we had been with a few trainers and had very little results and was told by several trainers that the chance for success in training littermates was very little. I searched every trainer on the internet and kept going back to STL Casey Ray’s and was very impressed with with the videos, and his dog training education I took the plunge and called. After speaking with the guys at Casey Ray I knew I wanted to give him a chance. I did board and train with my female Abbey, and day training with my male Lucas. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. My puppies are now 8 months old and have come such a long way. While we still have small puppy issues while they are growing the trainers are always there to help guide me in what is best for Abbey and Lucas.
Thank you. I sincerely appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us. Look forward to many more group classes.

Rita Montgomery – Wentzville, MO,
I sought out Casey’s training services when I was having challenges that I couldn’t seem to solve myself with my rescued GSD/Rottie/Mal mix, Roxie. What I respect most about Casey, apart from his obvious experience and wisdom, is that he gives it to you straight! Straight talk, solid advice, and he shows you how to back it up. I volunteer in animal rescue in addition to my day job and I now refer everybody in driving distance to Casey. I trust my animals with him and with his entire crew implicitly.

Gidget Hall,
My wife and I have a female boxer named Kya. In the beginning we took her to training classes at Pet Smart as well as Bark Busters before finding our way to Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers and Casey Ray. Kya had a serious attitude problem despite her training. We wouldn’t want to walk her because every time we saw a dog even a block away she would pull hard, begin barking and eventually get into growling and “red-zoning” as we got closer. We would never think of walking next to another dog on the same sidewalk. This past week I had a breakthrough with Kya. We have completed our three day-training sessions with Casey and I took Kya out to walk at our parents house. On our walk we came upon a friend of the family walking their french bulldog coming straight at us. With only a couple of corrections through the collar I was able to have Kya sitting and waiting to continue our walk as I talked. No barking or growling. As I talked, another person came walking on the other side of the street walking a golden retriever and carrying a small dog. This, I thought, would be the ultimate test. As they passed Kya stayed sitting (with a reminder) and never barked, growled, or pulled. As the walk progressed Kya did a great job of heeling. When we were almost home we came across another test and this I realized could be an even bigger test. On the other side of the street was a great dane off leash in its front yard with its family. It came out to look at us and Kya looked back. With a couple of quick corrections, however, we were walking without any hassle and she didn’t pay any mind to the great dane. For the first time in years I actually look forward to walking with Kya and we have Casey Ray to thank for that.
Sean Parini – Belleville, IL,

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