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Our smart girl, Pearl, has already learned so much in just 4 lessons. We can eat dinner without her resting her head on the table. She’s Great Pyrenees/Golden and can easily reach the top of the table. She goes to her place and settles in till we tell her “free.” On walks, she’s learning to sit when another dog approaches instead of growling and going after it. That’s a big plus since she is over 100 lbs. Casey Ray’s has great staff. We probably are learning as much as Pearl is!

– Joan Elkins

I cannot say enough positive things about Casey Ray’s. Halie, Kourtney and Zach are amazing! Not only have I been disappointed by the results (or lack there of) with other trainers in the past, but I own a pet sitting business and have seen many of my clients go thru trainer after trainer with little or no results at all. That being said, I was very skeptical in the beginning. After just a few days I starting noticing a huge improvement in my dogs behavior and he just keeps getting better everyday.

– Ada Hequembourg

This puppy class for starting training tips and socialization is a MUST for every young puppy. This was our first visit in their 4 week program and my little guy went in with tail between legs intimidated–no other dogs in our home and hasn’t been around another dog since leaving the adoption center and his 2 sisters a month ago. By the time the hour’s class was over, he was running and playing, having a great time. His vaccinations were checked as were the others so it’s not a ya’all come gathering. Girl who led class was on top of everything. Can’t wait for our next class~!!!!

– Sharon Eyrich

I cannot say enough great things about Casey Ray’s STL dog training! My husband and I have a 2.5 year old lab mix and almost 1 year old Shepard/husky mix. We sought out training because our dogs would pull us around the block during walks or into the vet for visits (to the point one of us could not walk both) and jump up on guest and were very excited when they came into our home. When we showed up for our consultation at the Ballwin location, one of our dogs broke free of her collar and ran back outside as we were walking in while the other one pulled us down the steps and jumped up on everyone or everything he could get his paws on. We knew we needed helped. We signed up for the lifetime group classes and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After just one week of learning the place command, we could already see positive changes in our dogs. We had guest over and they held their place command until we freed them. Every week just got better from there with the help of Erin, one of the awesome trainers we had the pleasure of working with week after week. She is caring and really understands how each dog learns best, which helped us become better owners. Walks are now enjoyable and we only need one of us to walk them. We have now successfully completed the foundation lessons and started group training. 7 weeks later, we now have two really great dogs that we can confidently take anywhere due to our training at Casey Ray’s.

– Courtney Jones

I can’t say enough about Zack at Casey Ray’s Wildwood location. From the start he has understood my dog’s needs and has been so patient with my struggle to be in control in stressful situations (they train humans too!) and all the emotions that come with it. My dog can be unpredictable and Zack has pushed me outside of my comfort zone so that I better understand the role I play in my dog’s anxiety. As a customer I really appreciate that by purchasing the Foundations package I am not getting a set number of lessons. Each plan is unique to your needs. My dog is obedient in a controlled setting and he would have probably graduated weeks ago from any other program without truly getting to the bottom of his aggression issues. Zack is skilled in assessing and understanding the needs of his clients and their dogs, and he is willing to put in the effort needed. In addition, all of the other staff at Casey Ray’s have been helpful and accommodating throughout this process. If you’re considering training, go with Casey Ray’s!!

– Allison Cooke


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