Taking your dog through all 3 stages of training is vital for achieving maximum results.
We offer dog obedience training in St. Louis, and we are what one would call “Balanced Trainers.” Do we use negative reinforcement or corrections? Yes we do. Do we use positive reinforcement by means of treats and/or praise? Heck yes!

You usually wouldn’t use the same amount of praise on a high energy Border Collie as you would on a low energy Basset Hound. With that said, you also usually wouldn’t use the same correction on a low energy, submissive dog as you would on a higher energy, more dominant type of dog. Some dogs you need to press the gas pedal on the praise while others you need to use the brake pedal on the corrections! It’s that simple..It all depends on YOUR dog!

In using years of experience as St. Louis dog trainers, we’ve tweaked our dog obedience classes to get the most out of your dog’s personality. The last thing you want to do when training any dog is be a “one trick pony” and make each dog fit your respective training approach. All dogs are different! You should, and we do, cater our training approach to fit your dog’s specific needs.

More important than the dog training tool that is used (clicker, buckle collar, martingale collars, pinch or remote collars), is knowing which fits each specific dog and when they should be used..Our philosophy can be summed up by explaining that taking all dogs through the 3 proper stages of training, in the proper order, is ideal for success.

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Happy Tales From Happy Tails
I wanted to say thank you to everyone at Casey Ray’s STL Dog Trainers!! Pietra and I came to our first group session today and loved it! You all have transformed her into a fun and enjoyable dog to take places and on walks. You have helped us work with her in a safe environment and have shown us how to handle her properly and efficiently.
We will definitely be back next week to make more progress!!
KaeCee Nicole,
Casey, We’ve been more than pleased with our dogs progress under your guidance. You have helped us to understand some simple concepts that have made our lives much easier, and therefore happier! We’re impressed with how quickly our dogs behaviors have changed, which has resulted in increased confidence for both us and our dogs. Thank you for your help! We are anxious to learn more! Thank you!

Kate and Nathan Jones,

The best dog training should include:

1) Learning Stage

This is where treats are often a dog handler’s most valuable training tool! Your dog actually learns what our verbal cues and commands mean through your use of lures and shaping behaviors.

2) Correctional Stage

Now that the dog actually knows what your verbal commands mean, this is the dog obedience training stage where we put it in black and white. Using a balanced scale approach, at the end of this stage, your dog will understand the different reinforcements depending on his decision-making process.

3) Proofing Stage

This is where we take the commands your dog understands, the known reinforcements of their actions, and put it into reality based scenarios. This is the time that your dog learns to listen to you even though hectic situations are upon them. The key step between a surface trained dog and a dog ready for real life situations!

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