Proofing Through the 3 D’s

If you’re familiar with our training programs, you’ll know that we train in 3 different stages: learning, correctional and proofing. Once you’re ready to move into the proofing stage, you can use the 3 D’s of dog training to help you!

Duration – Duration is time. Mostly duration refers to how long your dog will hold a command. Place is the easiest command to start with when building duration. Gradually build up the time your dog can help his commands until he’ll hold them as long as you need!

Distance – Distance has to do with the amount of space between the dog and you. Build distance by moving farther and farther away until you’re even out of sight! Another way to practice distance work is by actually signaling commands from a distance away from your dog.  

Distraction -Distractions are anything and everything that may motivate your dog to ignore you and/or break his commands. Fun things, scary things, smelly things, etc. are all distractions. Work on your obedience in as many situations as you can think of, including different locations and around various distractions. The more things you proof your dog around and through, the better he’ll be!



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