Puppy Biting and How to Stop It

One of the most common complaints we hear when it comes to young puppies is that they’re consistently biting. Puppies nip for many reasons, including to play or get attention and during teething. The good news is that puppy biting is actually very easy to stop because we know what the puppy wants which is to play and chew. The best way to curb puppy biting is to provide other acceptable methods of play and outlets for chewing.

To prevent biting and nipping you can:

  1. Always be ready with a toy when you’re interacting and playing with your puppy so she has the option to make a good choice. Make the toy more exciting than your hands!
  2. Exercise your puppy! Remember that a tired puppy is a good puppy. Daily training sessions can really wear your pup out!
  3. On the flip side, also make sure your puppy is getting enough rest. Just like a human toddler, a tired puppy can become cranky. Naps and crate time throughout the day has many benefits including aiding in potty training!
  4. Have lots of chew toys available to get your pup through teething.
  5. Don’t leave children unattended with the new puppy. Teach the kids not to run and scream from a nipping puppy. Calm behaviors on our end creates calm behaviors in our dogs!

Remember that whenever your puppy does start biting and nipping, to remove all attention and provide a toy or chew instead.

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