Quick Tips to Stop Jumping

Many owners struggle with their dog jumping up on them and others. Here’s a few quick tips to stop jumping:

  • Consistency! If you don’t like your dog to jump on you then he can’t be allowed to do it ever. Allowing your dog to jump up when you’re in your PJ’s but getting angry when he jumps up as your heading to work is unfair and confusing to your dog. Keep it consistent and make things easier on both of you! 
  • Consistency AMONG EVERYONE! Now that you’ve decided you never want to allowing jumping, it’s time to get everyone in the family on the same page. It’s important that the rules are the same across the board. The same “no jumping” rule should also apply to strangers and visitors. The clearer and simpler things are, the quicker your dog will learn!
  • Only reward when all 4 feet on the floor. Try to only touch your dog when all 4 feet on the ground. Any attention while jumping up will reinforce that behavior in your dog’s mind. Either ignore him completely until he stops jumping or correct him in way that he understands and makes sense to him.
  • Train an incompatible behavior. Examples would be a place or sit command. It’s impossible for your dog to jump up on you if he’s holding her place or sit command.
  • Use a leash! Without a leash, you have no way to prevent or correct your dog from jumping up. Always have a leash on your dog if you know someone’s coming home or if you’re out in public to correct and then redirect your dog into a more acceptable behavior. 

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