Socialization, Training and More
For puppies up to 12 weeks

Puppy Preschool

Put your best paw forward with our puppy preschool. Learn how to socialize, build confidence and set appropriate behaviors early on.
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Obedience and Beyond
Set the foundation for a great dog.

Intro Classes

Take the next step in your training with one of our intro classes. We offer a range of classes to help you achieve your training goals.
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Experienced dogs (and owners)
Prerequisite of intro class required

Ongoing Education

Our ongoing education classes are available to those pups and parents who have completed a Casey Ray class before and graduated to advanced classes.
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Happy Tales From Happy Tails
Thanks for extending yourself and asking for feedback for improvement. In fact, I believe the over whelming intangible you possess is your attention to detail. The moment Charlie Blue and I started attending your private classes and group classes I’ve truly enjoyed the relentless pursuit of improvement and perfection while having fun. After a few short weeks we could already see a huge improvement in Charlie’s over all demeanor. Speaking from the standpoint of a busy family with two young kids it’s a real pleasure having a disciplined Labrador retriever among the pack!
Jimmy Hoffner – Chesterfield, MO,
Just wanted to let you know that I have seen a much improved Abby. We have used the techniques that you have provided and with some work and consistency this very stubborn, do as she pleases, Presa Canario has become a much more well behaved girl. We are still working on her insecurities but she has come a long way since we started working with you. I appreciate all you have done to help Abby and I both. Thanks for your patience and helping us to make Abby a happy and more balanced girl.

Bridget Francis,

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