Spoiling and Coddling: Do’s and Don’t’s

Too often we, as trainers, see dogs that have been spoiled and/or coddled into terrible mindsets. Many behavior problems stem from owners trying to do good, but unfortunately making the behavior worse by spoiling and coddling. A lack of rules and boundaries is setting both you and your dog up to fail. It’s amazing the changes you’ll see by simply instilling some consistency by the way of rules and boundaries into your dog’s life.

Dog’s DON’T want to lead and actually thrive when rules and structure are put into place. Most likely, your dog will thank you for taking the decision making away from them.

It’s important to avoid coddling ANY fear or anxiety. Picking up, petting or cooing a fearful or panicked dog is actually reinforcing that state of mind. It’s better to either ignore those behaviors or redirect them into better choices like a ‘place’ command.

So how can you improve?

  • Provide rules, structure and set firm boundaries. Stay consistent!
  • Don’t spoil your dog without good behavior first! It’s okay to spoil a well-behaved dog as long as the rules you’ve set are maintained.
  • Don’t coo or inadvertently reward fear.
  • Ignore unrealistic fears, you want your dog to see you as unfazed so he can relax too!

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