Training Your Dog to Stop Jumping

When trying to train your dog to stop jumping on you and other people, these are the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid and what to do instead!


  1. Yelling. In general, yelling doesn’t do much when we’re talking about dog training. Yelling at an already excited dog is confusing and will likely make your dog even MORE excited.
  2. Touching or “pushing” your dog off of you. Most dog see any form of touching as a reward and this will make jumping even worse. Therefore, pushing your dog off of you with your hands is actually rewarding.
  3. Turning away. While this may work for some dogs, for most it simply doesn’t. Because jumping up is such a self rewarding behavior, turning away isn’t enough to deter your dog. Simply put, ignoring self rewarding behaviors, just doesn’t make them disappear. Turning away turns jumping up into a fun game of keep away for your dog!


  1. Only reward a dog with four feet on the floor! A reward would be any kind of petting, attention or touching, food, etc. Train a different behavior for your dog to do instead of jumping up in order to earn the reward. We would recommend a solid Sit, Down or Place command. Place is wonderful if you know someone is coming home or you’re having company over! Place your dog before he or she even has the chance to jump!
  2. Always have on a leash and collar for control. If your dog isn’t wearing a leash and collar, there’s no way to correct your dog for the jumping behavior or reinforce a different command.


If you don’t want your dog jumping on people then he shouldn’t be allowed to jump up ever.


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