Use Your ‘Place’ this Summer

Summer can be a busy time of the year for most people. Here’s a few ways you can use your dog’s training and ‘place’ command while you enjoy the summer!

  1. Put a place board or other raised sturdy object in the shallow water of a kiddie pool, creek, or river. Using an object your dog is already comfortable and familiar with can help him get comfortable with being in the water. If you’re dog isn’t sure about going onto his place in the water, don’t force it. Use treats, toys and praise to encourage him until he becomes more confident! You could even transfer this to your dog ‘placing’ on a paddle board or raft. KatKoota_18-9
  2. Heading to a family BBQ or to hang out poolside? Bring your dog’s place and some frozen dog treats. Let him hang out on place with his treats while you relax too. There’s lots of fun frozen dog treat recipes to be found online. Just always be aware of the temperature and ALWAYS provide shade and fresh water.
  3. Make a fun obstacle course using different objects to place on. Overturned laundry baskets, chairs, stools, etc. can all be used to ‘place’ on and build your dog’s confidence. You can even add in things to crawl under or jump over! untitled
  4. If your dog struggles to hold still in the bathtub, set a place board in there. Use your Place command to give him a clear boundary that he can understand.

Enjoy your summer and get out there and train!

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