The Walk Starts Before You Leave the House

Struggling to enjoy walks with your dog because of constant pulling? Training a nice Heel command and loose leash walk makes walking the dog a lot more fun and beneficial. When you give your dog the Heel command, we want him at your left side paying attention to you. Loose leash walking is a little more relaxed. He can do what he wants as long as there’s NO tension/pulling on the leash.

Let’s talk about starting off the walk on the right foot.

If your dog is high energy, sometimes it’s helpful to have him walk on the treadmill for about 10 minutes before starting your actual walk. The treadmill will help take the edge off and get your dog in a better head space. Training your dog to walk on the treadmill is also extremely helpful during bad weather.

When you’re ready to walk out the door, have your dog Sit until released. DO NOT let him pull you out the door. You want to start off your walk with you in control!

Maintain a loose leash or utilize your Heel command while out on your walk. Adding structure to your daily walks is actually much better exercise for your dog than letting him drag you all over as it helps burn mental energy too. Use quick turns and changes of paces to keep your dog focused on you.


Happy walking!


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