What is Lifetime Group Training?

Our Lifetime Group training package is one of our most popular training options! This package is for those who want what all dog owners want, off-leash control even around distractions! We start with a minimum of four lessons at the facility. After graduation, owners work with their dogs in a group class led by one of our trainers. Because dogs progress at different rates, the amount of group classes are UNLIMITED for the life of your dog. Attend one group class a week as long as you wish!

If you signed up for our Day Train or Stay and Learn options, don’t worry, our Lifetime Group Add-On option is still available to you at an additional charge.

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There are many benefits to continuing into group classes after your initial training is complete. It’s important to maintain your dog’s new training through consistency and repetition. Group class gives you a safe and controlled environment to work your dog with a trainer near by to answer any questions and offer assistance. Exposing your dog to the variety of new people and dogs each week helps keep your dog well socialized. If your dog can listen to you around all of the distractions in group class, transferring that training into real world situations should be a breeze!

We ask that everyone participating in group class follow these rules and guidelines:



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