Why Your Dog Only Listens in Class!

One of the most common things we hear as dog trainers is “my dog does everything perfect in a training class, but not at home.” So why is your dog only listening so well in class? Here’s a few of the most common reasons.

There is a lack of consistency at home in between lessons and classes. In order to see real results, you have to put in the effort at home too! Training your dog happens all day long even when you don’t realize it. It’s important to always hold your dog accountable for his actions and to be sure you’re reinforcing the right behaviors. Small training sessions throughout the day goes a long way towards gaining that same consistency at home that you see in classes.

There is a lack of follow through at home. When your in a lesson or training class, the trainer is there to hold you and your dog accountable to a certain set of standards. It’s up to you to maintain that same standard when you return home! If you tell your dog to do something, whether it be to come, sit, down, etc., be sure you’re reinforcing it and following through. Don’t let your dog blow you off!

Your dog is not being supervised. In a class or lesson, all of your attention is on your dog. At home and in the real world, life is full of distractions. If you can’t devote your attention to your dog and he’s not yet ready to have unsupervised free time, use your Place command or a crate. The more your dog gets the opportunity to chew on furniture, steal things off the counter, or practice other naughty behaviors, the higher the likelihood that they’ll continue.

Your dog’s training needs to be generalized. Dog’s typically don’t generalize well. While they might understand the rules under one roof, under another they completely forget! The only way to generalize the behaviors you’ve learned in your training classes is to practice, practice, practice! Train with your dog in a variety of locations and scenarios.

Follow through with these tips and we’re sure you’ll be able to gain the same consistency in your dog’s training at home that you have in training class!


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