in loving memory of the dogs we have lost




Casey's BEST FRIEND and most loyal dog he has ever seen. He's survived by 6 brothers and sisters and his Mom & Dad who miss him dearly.



Carrie's first dog and best buddy, always laid back and by her side. She will forever be spoiled by how easy he made getting her first pup.




Rescued on the side of the road as a pup, she grew in her family's hearts every single day and became one of the best dogs they've ever owned. Shelby was diagnosed with Lymphoma in May of 2018 and lost the battle on September 21,2018.

She will never be forgotten.



Her mom's "I can't get pregnant so I'll be a dog mom" dog. Apple was the sweetest, most expensive little lemon there ever was-she was always sick, from a wonky front leg and a bum knee to eventually leaving too soon from congenital kidney disease, but she was beloved just the same. Rest easy and pain-free sweet girl!



Tracy's first dog and her deeply loved little shadow for almost 14 years. He loved to bump your leg with his cold doggy nose as you walked and he smiled in greeting. He is greatly missed by his whole family, and will never be forgotten.




Email a high resolution photo and a few lines to to have your dog included on our memory wall. Be sure to use "Memory Wall" in the subject line.